So tired

2009-02-04 03:16:56 by El-Syd

I want to work on my cartoon and finish it already, but I'm so fucking busy lately, and sooo fucking tired, that I never seem to have the energy to focus on actually doing anything, if anyone has any good advice about getting psyched up again, please let me know.


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2009-02-04 05:13:00

You're always on Newgrounds. I keep seeing your pictures all over flash comments. WHY?

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:


(Because I like to review shit)


2009-02-04 17:24:05

Hey whats up bro! you know i had once something similar too, and i forced my self to draw on my pc, but all the inspiration was gone, i was just drawing, but i wasn't feeling it, and well i stopped doing it, i was just chilling without thinking in anything, it took me like a week or 2, but suddenly all the inspiration returned (lol) , it might just be matter of time, I must say " just relax , it will pass soon"

El-Syd responds:

I sure hope so, maybe that is all it takes, just to make yourself do it for awhile and it'll come back, I should just do that.


2009-02-05 22:41:10

Work on it in little chunks when ever you find the time. Chip away at it. Every huge skyscraper is built one brick at a time.

El-Syd responds:

very true, I should create some sort of schedule to make sure I do a bit everyday, I wish I weren't so disorganized and distractible.


2009-02-06 16:56:02

Aci6 offers some sound advice.

I just wanted to chime in to say that while review moderating, I have often seen your helpful reviews; reviews that always offered fine points and feedback to the author. Kudos to you sir.

El-Syd responds:

Thanks a lot, It's really a compliment coming from a review mod like yourself.


2009-02-07 08:09:16

Aside from the exercise as someone sugested below, try getting up earlier to get a bit more daylight.

El-Syd responds:

Not much of a morning person, and I'm speaking from experience here, my mind is just mush before 10 AM.


2009-02-10 00:40:50

I love you

El-Syd responds:

thanks, I think


2009-02-10 01:48:28

if your still finding it hard to get work done then you should definitely take time out and just relax, in the mean time you should totally go watch animations/movies that personally inspire you, i think it would really help with the motivation issues. works for me all the time :)
also working at night isn't so bad, i find i'm more productive working at night, you should try it too but only if your not going to be busy the next day

El-Syd responds:

very true, plus I'll have to be working only at night for awhile, cause during the day I have some serious yardwork to take care of. I'm not even going to begin to describe how fucked my yard is, but I just now sat down here cause I was gettin pissed at the state the previous people left it in.


2009-02-10 13:24:17

slaughter things in halo. also ditto what the last dude said, ghost or whatever the frig it is.

El-Syd responds:

hehe I guess that would be MGS4 for me. not a bad idea.


2009-02-12 22:32:28

I would highly suggest either a fat spliff and some really sweet tunes, like Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii or something, or look at some other flashes for inspiration. Dying inspiration is a staple of the artist, just remember the more time, the better the product

El-Syd responds:

If only I had connections here, but I'm not a San Diego Native and yeah your pretty much dead right about the dying inspiration thing. hopefully. it does turn out pretty good considering how long it took to make and how hard it was, I put a lot of work into it, but a lot of the time passed was also due to procrastination, business, distraction and all of lifes usual BS. thanks for the comment man.


2009-02-17 04:22:16

but u have alot of time 2 review

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

heh, reviewing takes a bit of time, but it doesn't really take any energy to watch flash cartoons and review them, on the other hand, it takes a lot of energy, focus, patience, MOTIVATION, and time to make a flash. Also, reviewing is kind of addictive.


2009-02-20 04:06:54

Hehe, I'm in the same situation atm, should be working on leftover educationary assignments this week. So far I've downloaded about 10k tools/maps/vehicles for the original GTA games, watched a dussin movies and taken very long walks with the intention of getting me focused again, among many other smaller tasks that just seem to drain away my intentions. Hmm, eventually my energy will probably arrise again. :/

El-Syd responds:

Yeah situation sounds similar, its so easy to get sidetracked from even your sidetracks, you know? Maybe it's all random when you get bits of energy, who knows?


2009-02-22 22:00:35

I find that I'm at my creative best while I'm either working or doing homework. Also, picking a day to just sleep in leaves me energized for a few days after. That's what works for me.

El-Syd responds:

hmmm, I'll take that into consideration.