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I've been waiting a long time for this, it makes me want to get off my lazy ass and finish mine. Love the classic cartoon style, and all the facial expressions throughout the animation. Nice traditional melodramatic storyline too. Awesome.

Nicely done

Sorry it took me so long to see this, don't get on newgrounds much these days, good humor, and as always, I dig the comic strip style. keep it up guys.

Very Cool

Very creative and cool, and it's good to see other mediums such as charcoal used once in awhile, it gave your piece a very unique look. Nice message as well, keep up the good work.

Captain responds:

Thanks man. I do like to experiment with mediums so there might be more of this or something similar in the future.

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Holy $h11111

This game is absolutely incredible, simple in it's gameplay yet so fun and addictive, not to mention the awesome powerups and strategies you discover along the way, cute funny character design, classic newgrounds feel and simple control system, and hours and hours of fun, I thought the bloodshot slouchy dude warning was a funny joke until I realized you were serious about that, hahahah, All I can say is this is the fucking game of the year.

Awesome puzzles

perfect blend of ease and challenge, perfect music to match as well, the simplicity of the designs was great and gave it a clean professional look. Keep up the great work


On all technical aspects this is a very good game, but for some reason it just seems a bit too repetitive compared to some of the other defense games, that being said it's still a very well made game.

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Sounds like a mix between straight Chicago blues and some Hendrix style acid rock. This is only the second song of yours I've checked out but I can tell you have a pretty impressive range in your blues. Nice solo all in all I wish it was a full song, but this still deserves a 10

BloodFest responds:

Thanks a lot for listening to my stuff, I'm glad you liked it. You can listen to the full song, link for that one is up there.



I only wish I could play blues like you, this is freaking awesome. his is a really good example of a delta style 12 bar. You should put out a CD. How long have you been playing for?

BloodFest responds:

Many thanks, I feel very flattered.
I've been playing for around 10 years, I'm a metalhead who has played metal since the beginning but I certainly have a great passion for the blues, I think that without the blues there won't be no music at all! haha



All I can say is that you have some amazing chops when it comes to drum tracks, this song especially though, The rhythm is steady enough to be used for just about anything, but the other aspects of the song fit perfectly, the intro's really nice too. This ones going in my favorites.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, Syd. I'm really glad you enjoyed this. I mean structurally it's quite "different", and I think that's why alot of people can dig it ;) Cheers for your good review, and for stopping by!

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Awesome work

Anyone who's hassling you about the rifle is fucking blind, or they don't realize that artistically this is probably better than some generic fanart with a "technically correct" rifle. This rifle really works for the style of this piece. One thing I notice in this and some of your other works is you have a very distinctive lighting to your art. You have a lot of range as an artist, so all of your pieces seem to have their own unique style about them but your excellent sense of dramtic and artistic lighting seems to be the hallmark of your work.

All I can say is wow.

The dark aura of this piece really does a good job of conveying a mood. The details in the skin and musculature are very impressive. Is this in oil or acryllic, or something else entirely. Through this one picture, it almost seems as if it conveying an entire very detailed story, and it really has a mysterious quality to it that makes me want to keep looking. You are an excellent artist and both you and this piece are now in my favorites. On to check out more of your work.


Nice little pic here, it caught my eye from the board or whatever, thought I 'd take a look. somehow it's even funnier once you know the title, really funny character, nicely done.

suzuki-zombie responds:

Hey thanks. I have a few more on the way in this vein. Look for Lady Vaseline soon.

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