2009-03-02 12:19:30 by El-Syd

I think I actually have some motivation now, partially due to a short trip to an old friend's wedding, and partially because of some really cool flashes by Virgilcomic and Sexual-Lobster both of whom have really cool stuff that you should check out. My reviewing will probably slow down a bit if I am working on stuff, but all in all this week should be good.


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2009-03-02 22:19:01

That's great, so when is your master piece released ?

El-Syd responds:

we'll see, hopefully not too long from now


2009-03-03 10:12:44

Good Good :)

El-Syd responds:



2009-03-03 11:51:27

good to hear, man. Good luck to you on your project(s). :)

El-Syd responds:

Much thanks man, I hope that you and all the review crew can stop by and check it out.


2009-03-12 18:59:53

good luck with that!

El-Syd responds:



2009-03-13 18:58:24

hey dumb dumb, check the dates and read the author comments on videos before you post your dumb responses.

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

hahhahahahahah I don't know exactly which comment or submission you're referring to nor do I care, and I am ALWAYS aware of a submission's entry date, regardless of that, I think it's pretty funny being called dumb dumb by a 26 year old who produced a flash called "Jack off Elmo" and describes himself as being "cool and loves to "sk8", and who leaves one line reviews with titles like "!!!!!!!!!!!", and reviews consisting of simply, "OLD S CHOOL" hahahhaah, take a look at yourself man, you crack me up. This shit is too funny to be mad at.Plus why do you even check the reviews on your old stuff if you can't handle people's opinions. If you wan't to keep your work private just don't upload it in the first place.


2009-03-15 16:56:03

Cool! Glad to hear you are feeling creative again!

El-Syd responds:

yeah it comes and goes


2009-03-16 15:26:27

To: unknown34
From: Me
You got burned, dude.
Hopefully you haven't jumped off a bridge or something, in realization of your stupidity... But I'd understand if you did. *wink*

Syd, good luck with making projects! Be sure to let me know when you submit, so I can check it out. Oh and keep me in mind if you'd like some custom tunes for your work ;)

El-Syd responds:

hahah, Thanks man sounds good, I have all the audio for the one I'm doing now, but I have a lot of ideas floating around my head and I definitely like the idea of using some of your awesome songs man. I'll be sure to let you know when it comes out, I seem to be doing a little here or there, I really should just buckle down and finish it.