2009-03-26 15:36:46 by El-Syd

ehhhh... boredom prevails yet again.

I highly approve of this whole China thing Newgrounds did for April Fool's Day


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2009-03-26 15:48:19

Good to know fellow super reviewer.

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

heheh, I need to get back to reviewing


2009-03-26 19:27:35

I know how it feels SuperReviewer, yeah, that's your new nick, do you like it?

El-Syd responds:

Somewhat fitting, but I haven't lived up to it for the past couple of weeks, cause my wife's been home on leave, so I haven't really had time to cruise NG too much lately.


2009-03-26 20:43:18

Have you thought about lending your voice for animations?

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

Yeah actually, I already have, I did some voicework for Verdey
The script wasn't too good, but I didn't write it, and he got a bit repetitive with some of the lines, I gave him voices for a second one, but he never finished it I guess. My recording quality has gotten a lot better since then, and I'll totally do whatever voicework you need (or anyone else) He credits me by name, but I asked not to be coauthored, since I want to finish and release my first flash first, that is, If I can get off my ass and do it already. hahaha. anyway, how's Honeybun part 2 coming along? I'd seen some of the new drawings on deviant art awhile ago, but I haven't checked for the last couple of weeks.


2009-03-30 10:20:11

Does it?

El-Syd responds:

sadly, yes


2009-04-08 22:46:42

If your bored maybe you could fix your garbage whistle no offense

El-Syd responds:

I would, but Rage's abusive response thread was locked months ago, plus people were putting old unflaggable shit on it, I figure It'll eventualy go up, but I'm not expecting it to be anytime soon.


2009-04-13 07:46:20

I didnt aprove of the china thing it made getting around difficult and you couldnt go on half the stuff... INSANITY

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

Yeah, but it was just for one day, The only thing that really bothered me though was that China Sweatshop Mastar (which I don't know why it's spelled mastar insteead of Master) came out that day, it has medals, which I can't get, because the game's designer used auto-background which doesn't work on my browser, so I can;t see what's going on, and even though I could download it and play it fine off-line, I'll never be able to get those medals.
I just switched to Firefox, and it seems to work fine now.


2009-04-14 23:40:48

I can't get the last 10,000 medal... it's too boring of a game to want to even try ;) lol But yeah I thought the China thing was pretty funny.

El-Syd responds:

hahaha, yeah, it's too easy to be fun, and get's boring fast, at least after the first couple of minutes, it's just a medal though. just get it when you have some spare time or are bored anyway.


2009-04-15 20:18:27


El-Syd responds:

says the guy with four clips from scream on his Ng profile


2009-04-18 18:29:26

hey el syd, do ya mind tellin me how you get that horde fighter achievement on portal defenders
it'd help thanks :)

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

You fight the horde, I know that doesn't sound too helpful, but I don't want to give away the secret since it is a secret medal, What I can say though is, that between the name of the medal, and the picture on it, the way to get it will become obvious if you think about it for a second. as far as actually HOW to do it, I used April, because her speed made it easy, PM me if you need more detailed info.