So many Medal games

2009-05-06 02:26:30 by El-Syd

At first, I thought they were gonna be something special, and although I think that it's somewhat cool that they will be available for more games, I kind of miss that brief period of time when they were something special.


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2009-05-06 02:52:57

Hey, they're interesting... well, some of them are.

Isn't that enough?

El-Syd responds:

I'm not saying I don't like the games, in fact some of them are some of my favorites, I just mean when it was only Portal defenders, or even only a handful of games, it seemed more like something special than if say every game were to have them. The new medal system has been likened to X-Box's achievement system, which is cool in it's own right, but it was more interesting to me that only certain games would have medals as proof that a person has completed some really hard tasks in some really hard games. When the medals are applied to a large amount of games, the difficulty of receiving some of the harder medals loses some of it's significance.


2009-05-06 06:50:08

To be honest, they kind of have no purpose unless the gamers get prizes for having so many medals. I hope they offer some type of reward or recognition to the person who has ALL the medals or at least most of them.

El-Syd responds:

I'm sure in a sense they do but no more so than any other achievement system on Newgrounds. Plus some of the medals, at least in one game I am aware of are glitched and cannot be received, however, it's been about a month since I heard anything about that, so maybe, that particular game has been fixed, who knows?


2009-05-06 21:26:55

lulz i gots moar den 1000

El-Syd responds:



2009-05-08 06:05:28

Yeah I agree with you, the Medals were better when you can only get them on a handful number of games but now there are so many, what's the point?

El-Syd responds:

Exactly, it just seems like it really doesn't matter anymore.


2009-05-21 03:47:29

Hey is it just me, or does anybody else here think that movies having medals is a bad idea?

El-Syd responds:

movies have medals too? yeah that is a bad idea.


2009-05-21 09:00:32

Hi greatwh1teshark

You're not alone to think the medal games are bad. Please check my news. Feel free to answer. But some people enjoy medals.

Robin Gravel

El-Syd responds:

Hey Robin, what's up, loking forward to you next movie


2009-05-24 12:06:58

Gotta agree with you , I think the same way.
Now every single flash game is going to have medals , whats the point in that?

El-Syd responds:



2009-05-26 12:07:05

Hi El-Syd

Have you seen my last movie? /494174

Sorry. No medals for this movie.

Robin Gravel

El-Syd responds:

Just watched it. I can see your progress from one movie to the next. Looking forward to your future animations.


2009-05-26 12:27:43

I mean: 'there is no medals in this movie.'

Where's the edit button in this site?

El-Syd responds:

Yes, there should be an edit button, they changed the site in so many ways recently, they should have taken the time to add an edit button.


2009-05-26 18:02:13

Hey man, be the first to leave a comment on my latest post.

El-Syd responds:

im probably a few days too late for that, but I'll check it out.


2009-05-27 00:09:03

How's that first cartoon of yours coming along?

El-Syd responds:

Haven't done anything on it for a good while now, I feel like such a shitbag for being so lazy and not just finishing it, but I've been really busy lately with random bullshit. I should get back to work on it though.


2009-05-29 11:43:29


El-Syd responds:

hopefully one day, but who knows when.


2009-06-05 23:17:03

Sorry, but I don't really agree with you. If there was only a few games with medals, what's that point? It would be the same thing as the achievements that you get in some games

El-Syd responds:

well to each his own


2009-06-09 11:19:07

I agree with you. Every new game lately has been all about what kind of achievements you can get. The medals really were a special thing. Now the achievements are so cheesy I almost feel dirty when I finish a game. And the medals for watching a movie? That goes a little far.

Don't get me wrong, I still play some flash games with medals, but I don't go out of my way to get every single medal. It takes away from the spirit of the game, by losing the fun factor and becoming a task.

Hope the first animation is coming along well. I'm looking forward to it. :)

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

haven't really been working on it , I should be but it's not gonna turn out how I want it, I think I might finish it to just kind of get it out of the way though.
And yeah that's just it, a game stops being quite as fun when you're playing it as a task rather than for the enjoyment of the game.


2009-06-11 19:17:25

I think they're still very special.

El-Syd responds:

well, in a way, but now there's so many of them and it's like if a game has medals, (or movies now too) it seems like those games automatically get higher ratings. Also, I feel some sort of compulsion to get all the medals I can, which is one of the reasons I kind of stopped spending so much time here on Newgrounds, it kind of took some of the magic out of it for me.


2009-06-22 08:21:41

Well, I remember my first medal...I went totally crazy, but now there isn't much of this special feeling left :'(

El-Syd responds:

Exactly, couldn't have said it better myself.