Entry #10

!!!!ART PORTAL!!!!!

2009-06-24 05:34:35 by El-Syd

Is this awesome or what? Newgrounds has an art portal. It only seems natural ,right, for a place where creative people are coming to anyway. I'm totally Psyched.

!!!!ART PORTAL!!!!!


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2009-06-25 11:50:01

Awesome! Are you going to put all your artworks to Newgrounds?

(Updated ) El-Syd responds:

No, not all of it, my best stuff is in Denver anyway so I couldn't get to it even if I wanted to. And the stuff I have here in Cali is already up on deviantART, I just thought this might be a good start. I think though, that I wan't to make some new stuff for here. Now the hard part is finding freetime, and actually using it to do something productive. hahaha.


2009-07-06 00:47:17

Nice !

El-Syd responds:

Thank you


2009-07-22 14:07:04


El-Syd responds:



2009-07-23 02:31:15

Me too! I bet ill be the next rip-off of deviant art XD

El-Syd responds:

It's my art Fuck-tard, I can post it on as many sites as I want. XD


2009-08-20 11:58:23

What kind of technique do you use for making black & white artworks?

El-Syd responds:

Oh, this was done in scratchboard it's basically a black board with white underneath, you take a scratch tool, (which fits as a nib into an old stlye pen, and you scrath away any lit parts, basically the opposite of regular drawing where you draw in shadows. It's a lot of fun, but you have to be careful, cause it's hard to correct any mistakes. you can get them at most art supply stores, make sure to get the hard ones, not the paper ones though.


2009-10-18 19:17:50

Hi again.

You used scratchboard to make your artworks. I guess I didn't note it in the description of the picture. Sorry.

El-Syd responds:

no problem


2009-10-22 07:08:30

Seriously awesome work

El-Syd responds:

Thanks Jack.


2009-11-19 05:51:54

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /518327

El-Syd responds:



2009-12-11 12:25:17

Hey dude, here's the link for episode 3 of the Zelda Files: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /520802


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